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Day 5: Villages in Echinos region


Ορεινή ΞάνθηAnother interesting part of mountainous Xanthi are the villages of Echinos region, such as Sminthi, Myki, Echinos, Oraio, Melivia, Kotyli, Dimario and many more. They are places of incomparable beauty with their own unique identity, where visitors come into contact with nature and the local community, by witnessing and communicating a way of life that is very different to that of the modern city. It is an area interspersed with numerous stone bridges and traditional settlements.Ορεινή Ξάνθη

In Oraio, you can still find a functioning traditional Watermill. On the left hand side, there is a trout farm and a picturesque taverna, where visitors can savour fresh trout dishes, cooked in a particular manner that has been handed down from generation to generation.